Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry at Bender Dental Care in  Elgin, IL, is about fixing the damage. It can be anything from a single filling to a complete set of new crowns and bridges. We understand the importance of dental health and provide you appropriate fixes. 

When you lose one or more teeth, gaps can form in your mouth that affect how you chew and speak. Gaps also lead to other dental problems such as bone loss and an increased risk for gum disease.

Luckily, there are a number of treatments to replace a single tooth, a partial denture or a complete set of new teeth.

Dentures & Partials 

With the help of dentures and partials, we help you to smile with confidence. These dentures either in full or partials provide a cover for the missing tooth. These can be permanent or temporary based on your preference. 

Normally, the partial dentures are temporary and you can remove them after eating or while sleeping. These are nice to clean and give your mouth a rest from the additional wires. 

These are as good as your original teeth and are positioned well in the mouth, making everything comfortable for you. 

Crowns & Bridges 

Another restorative dentistry service we have are crowns and bridges. Tooth damage or extraction is a part of our practice. We welcome a number of patients every day with extreme dental damages. In these cases, the last resort we have is to extract the damaged tooth or drill it to clear the cavity. 

Afterwards, the patient is left with a gap or shell. Here comes our job of helping the patient with a smile or dental restoration. Using the bridges we cover up the gaps and with the help of crowning, it is possible to secure the drilled shell. It matches with the real tooth texture and color to give you a perfect smile. 


When playing any sport, safety is of the utmost importance. Wearing a mouthguard during play helps protect the teeth and lower jaw from injury. Most of the dental injuries are caused during sports and similar activities. 

We are providing the customized mouthguards for our patients who are concerned about their dental care. Focusing on your comfort, we design these mouthguards specifically for you. These are comfortable to wear and are made to protect your smile.


Our experts at Bender Dental Care recommend patients to have night guards in order to avoid teeth clenched, tongue or cheek biting, and other issues at night. These guards help to keep the jaw in its place and avoid any inconvenience. 

Nightguards are manufactured primarily of thermoplastic material. The teeth of the patient are scanned by an intraoral scanner. A digitized impression is made, showing the location and shape of each tooth. These are custom-made and comfortable so each patient will have dedicated care. 

Emergency Dentistry 

You can meet a dental emergency anytime and we are there to help with it. Understanding the importance of dental first aid in restorative dentistry, we offer emergency dentistry services. We take care of everything from first aid to initial care, restoration, fixing and more. Moreover, our team is trained to handle emergencies and help patients to keep calm

If you are experiencing a dental emergency or would like more information about the restorative services that our practice offers, please feel free to contact our office today! Our team will be happy to answer your questions!

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