Cosmetic Dentistry

Bender Dental Care focuses on securing your perfect smile. Our cosmetic dentistry practice in  Elgin, IL brings you the ultimate opportunity to advance your dental care and restoration. With the cosmetic dentistry treatments, we bring you advanced options to secure your smile. Having pearly white teeth with a balanced smile is available for you through our practice. 

Teeth Whitening 

Stained teeth can be embarrassing for you at times. The cause behind stained teeth can be the result of many things like smoking, drinking, coffee consumption or enamel damage. At Bender Dental Care we perform tooth whitening. The practice involves the use of materials, usually peroxide-containing compounds, to change the color of oral tissue by way of external bleaching. 

It has beneficial effects in cases where discoloration or staining obscures natural tooth shade or shape. Like any cosmetic dental procedure, whitening helps create an enhanced aesthetic appearance which can boost a person’s self-confidence. By the end of your procedure, our expert will brief you about a few tips that can help avoid tooth stains afterwards.


Knowing the importance of a perfect smile, Bender Dental Care emphasizes best dental care practices. If things go wrong due to accidents, deficiencies or other reasons, we are there to fix it. Offering veneers as a part of our cosmetic dentistry, we can fix the discoloration of a tooth, broken tooth, or bond the gap between teeth. 

Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain or resin material custom-made to correct defects. In most cases, veneer treatment is completed in one visit at our office. The procedure can also be used for augmenting the esthetics of the tooth to create the perfect smile. 


Bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses tooth-colored resins to fix chips, cracks or other imperfections on the surface of teeth. The process is not just used to fix teeth, it can also be used as a tooth preparation for crowns and veneers. 

We can use the procedure to fix the length of shortened teeth, which can help in perfecting your smile. Creating a balanced smile and getting a perfect tooth shade is a technique that our professionals know very well.

Composite Fillings 

At Bender Dental Care, we use the composite filing to restore your tooth. After treating a cavity, it is essential to fill up the tooth and cover it well. Conventionally, there are fillings like amalgam that contain metal in them. However, composite fillings contain fine glass and plastic. It makes these fillings gum friendly and helps to settle in a short time. 

You can feel natural after having the fillings. We especially recommend this alternative for the people who are allergic to metal fillings. 

Get Your Teeth Some Sparkle! 

We make Bender Dental Care the best stop for you to get ultimate cosmetic dentistry services. Our professionals ensure that you will have the best dental care to sustain your smile for many years to come.

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