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$49 Emergency Exam*

*New Patients Only

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort? Call Bender Dental Care to schedule a $49 emergency exam. Our expert staff will x-ray and examine the area to find out what’s causing that pain and review any treatment that might be recommended. Trust our friendly and skilled staff in Elgin, IL to help with your dental concerns!

Schedule Your Visit Today

Our team at Bender Dental Care can’t wait to meet you as we partner with you on a path to a happy and healthy smile! Call today to schedule your appointment!

Preventative Care

Our preventative prioritized approach allows us to maintain the health of smiles, reducing the need for treatment.

Efficient Scheduling

With our practice, you can get the care you need when you need it with fewer office visits.

Patient Education

At each visit, we take the time to provide information that will help you maintain oral health.


What People Are Saying


“I’ve been going to Bender Dental Care for a few years now and have always enjoyed my time there. The team is very kind and attentive. The doctor works quickly and effectively.”


“The doctor and his entire team do everything necessary to provide excellent care. I just can’t thank them enough! If you’re looking for good dental care, this is the place!”


“The hygienist is wonderful and eased all of my anxiety. He really took the time to sit down and explain everything and answer my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend him!”

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