Periodontal Treatments for Gum Disease

Did you know that gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults? Many people don’t know that they have periodontal disease until it is very advanced. Symptoms typically include:

  • Gum recession
  • Food packing between the teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Gums that bleed or are swollen
  • Bad breath
  • Tartar buildup

Through non-surgical periodontal therapy treatments, we can help you combat gum disease before it leads to tooth loss. Through a series of deep cleanings, we remove calcified tartar deposits under the gumlines, so that your gums can reattach to the tooth.

Our hygienists will also work with you to formulate a care plan that helps you maintain your oral hygiene so that you can preserve your smile for as long as possible.

With dedicated brushing and flossing, most forms of gingivitis reverse within 2 weeks. If symptoms persist – you might have gum disease. Call Bender Dental Care in Elgin for the care you need to protect your smile.

Suffering from hypersensitive teeth or suspect you may have deep cavities? Root Canal Therapy may be your best solution!