Oral Health Care Plan

Oral Health Care Plan

This in-house plan is not an insurance plan. It is a plan for preventative services that takes care of your needs for one year. Keeping current with exams and cleanings maintains your oral health and ensures that small problems don’t grow to be big problems. You get two exams with any needed X-rays included. Two standard cleanings with polishings each year and a bonus fluoride treatment each time as well. Countless studies have shown that fluoride reduces decay in everyone. Since we want you to keep your teeth your whole life, we felt it very important to include it even though most insurance company plans do not reimburse for this service. There are no restrictions when you get your two cleanings during the year, so you are free to get them done according to your schedule and not worry if it will be covered.

Take 10% Discount off Regular Fees

In addition to your yearly maintenance plan, should you need other services, you get 10% off our standard fees. If your treatment plan is $1000 or more and you pay the entire amount of your treatment plan prior to the first treatment appointment, you will receive 15% off that treatment plan. Payment must be made by cash, check or credit card (third-party healthcare financing plans do not qualify for the additional 5% discount).

The Bender Dental Care Oral Health Care Plan is available to patients who commit to being on time for their regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. Other restrictions apply. Plan is subject to change without notice.

Bender Dental Care Oral Health Plan – Save $200                



*Perio is when a patient requires a 3-4 month treatment plan due to extensive treatment needs