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Dr. Michael Bender

Dr. Michael Bender

Dentist at Bender Dental Care

Dr. Michael Bender DDS

Dr. Bender has over 35 years experience in the field of dentistry. Along with offering a full range of dental services including; general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and pediatric dentistry he continues to deliver high quality dental care as a result of his continued education in new and exciting dental procedures. To schedule an appointment please call (847) 984-0339

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At Bender Dental Care in Elgin Illinois, we recommend that our patients get in the habit of scheduling a routine cleaning and oral exam every six months. Even with brushing and flossing regularly to maintain good oral hygiene and health, it is critical to have regular dental cleanings. Everyday, even with regular brushing, certain harmful bacteria can still remain in your mouth.

During your dental care visit, one of our dental hygienists will use advanced equipment to clean your teeth and gums, ultimately preventing tooth decay and gum disease in a way that daily at-home cleaning cannot. Dr. Bender will then examine your mouth and identify any potential issues. If any concerns arise, a personalized treatment plan will be created and presented to you. All treatment options available will properly address and treat any condition before it worsens.


Advice for a Dental Emergency

Did you know… that the steps you take after a dental emergency happens can greatly improve your outcome once you receive emergency care. Even though Bender Dental Care will see you very quickly, there are some precautionary steps you can take in the time it takes to...

Pediatric Dentistry Elgin

Pediatric Dentistry Children’s Dentist in Elgin Illinois Having a family-oriented dentist makes it convenient for you and your children to get all of your dental health care in one location. At Bender Dental Care of Elgin Illinois, we are committed to making your...

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Service Elgin Illinois What is restorative dentistry? Most commonly, restorative dentistry involves the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. However many of our new patients contact us when their teeth have decayed, broken, or are missing....

Root Canal Therapy in Elgin

What is a Root Canal? A root canal is a dental therapy treatment which offers a very high rate of success of solving a number of dental health issues. The root canal procedure involves removing the diseased tissue, halting the spread of infection and restoring the...

Emergency Dentist Elgin

Immediate Emergency Appointments & Dental Pain Relief is Available in Elgin IL. Looking for emergency dental care in Elgin Illinois! Call us today and the first questions you will hear from us is; "how quickly can you get here"? We ask that you call before you arrive...

Dental Bonding

Repair & Correct Minor Tooth Damage or Cosmetic Imperfections with Dental Bonding Smile not quite what you wish it could be? Call Dr. Michael Bender at Bender Dental Care in Elgin Illinois if you have cracked, chipped, gapped or discolored teeth. You may find that you...

Porcelain Veneers

Top Reasons to See Dr. Michael Bender for Porcelain Veneers Porcelain veneers are an effective and relatively easy way to have a beautiful smile Dr. Micahel Bender has provided dental services to Elgin, Illinois area patients for over 35 years Bender Dental Care is...

Teeth Whitening Elgin

Teeth Whitening in Elgin IL - For Appointment Call 847-984-0339 Teeth Whitening Service Available in Elgin IL Want to achieve a truly dazzling smile with teeth whitening in Elgin, IL? Dr. Michael Bender has effectively restored the smiles of thousands of patients with...

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