Cosmetic Dentistry

Services for Smile Makeovers

cosmetic dentistry for seniors in Illinois

Improving the way your smile looks is nothing to be ashamed of. Dr. Bender has helped thousands of people feel better about their smiles, correcting problems like:

  • Discolored, stained teeth
  • Chipped, worn or fractured teeth
  • Gapped smiles
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

Fortunately there’s not just one option when it comes to creating beautiful smiles for our patients. We typically recommend a combination of different types of cosmetic treatments including:

Get a Smile Makeover

We can also combine our cosmetic dental treatment with restorative options like porcelain dental crowns, drill-free fillings and bridges to help your smile be functional as well as beautiful. Call our Elgin dental office today to schedule a smile makeover evaluation!