Bender Dental Care appreciates nothing more, than a beautiful smile.  We appreciate smiles that come in any form, even in the animal kingdom!  Enjoy these smiling animals here to brighten up your day!

The Happy Dog

We don’t know why this dog is so happy, we can only guess it is because of the beautiful weather outside.  Whatever the reason this dog’s smile is infectious and sure to brighten any day!

The Welcome Bear

We see you Bear.  And while you might be giving us a “What’s Up” hello there, we’re still gonna keep our distance.

Camera Ready Alpaca

This Alpaca knows how to rock a perm. He is totally hamming it up for the camera.

The Crafty Seal

This seal is got a mouth upturned like he is plotting something.  We don’t really care, I mean he is a cute seal that can get away with anything.

One Happy Hippo

We can’t help but enjoy the absolute joy on this hippo’s face.

Group Selfie Meerkat

What person isn’t going to have their heart melted a little by these cute little meerkats, just out enjoying the day.

Little Smile Goat

This goat is ready to just pose for the camera. We can only guess that it once has a career on the “goatwalk”

Lovey Horse

This horse certainly knows how to get a kiss from anyone.

Joke Telling Golden Retriever

This is one of our favorites!  We can’t help but imagine that this awesome Golden Retriever told the best joke in the world and is just smiling at himself.

Happ Wednesday Everyone from Bender Dental Care!